think of the sea


Pick up green seaweed, and each other's bodies

think of the sea


Every time, I see grey waves from under the coconut trees

Being picked up by a bird the size of a finger and spit it out

No one took the picture as a witness

On the beach, my footprints from yesterday are still there, with a few small fish

The undisturbed world seems to lack the necessary sense of security

Calcified coral remnants look like crab prostheses

Taken away by tourists and placed in their cabinets full of handicrafts

The sea can't be digested, especially the fishy smell like salted duck eggs

At this moment, the coastline is like an open-air modern T stage

The lack of nudity, but the emptiness of the sea is enough to make people imagine

When sunset on the west island, the water is full of golden mountains, we walk into the sea

Pick up green seaweed, and each other's bodies