Hometown I Can’t Go Back——Comment on the film "Outstanding Citizen" co-directed by Gaston Duprat and Mariano Cohen (Part 2)


In the short few days when Daniel returned to his hometown, many absurd things happened.

Former lover and Fa Xiao

Later, Antonio, who married Daniel's first love, Irene, hosted a banquet and invited him to hunt together on the surface, but his heart was full of evil, deceit, jealousy and hatred. He deliberately showed his intimacy with Irene, Irene's obedience to him, and his possession of Irene in front of Daniel, in order to vent his anger on Daniel. In the end, he also deprived Irene of the opportunity to send Daniel off. He and his daughter's boyfriend tricked Daniel into the car in the name of inviting hunting, and then took Daniel to the wilderness, drove him out of the car, and told him to get out of the car, and He kept shooting at him with a shotgun. He wanted to intimidate, tease, and humiliate Daniel, but his daughter's boyfriend was not so simple. He was full of jealousy because of his girlfriend. Shots were fired. Thanks to the mercy of God, Daniel escaped this disaster.

nonsense everywhere

In the short few days when Daniel returned to his hometown, many absurd things happened. A middle-aged fat man found Daniel, thinking that his father was the prototype in the writer's novels, and insisted on asking Daniel to visit his home, regardless of whether he had made arrangements, agreed or disagreed, but Daniel didn't go, and he came back to find him blame. Another father came to Daniel with his paralyzed son and asked Daniel to buy a $9,800 electric wheelchair for his son, taking it for granted. Daniel explained to him that he was not a charity and had no such responsibility, but later, Daniel let his assistant handle the matter.

different ways of escaping

There are also people who are dissatisfied with the local environment and life and want to escape, just like Daniel did back then. Like Antonio and Irene's daughter Julia, she is a girl with a rebellious spirit. When listening to Daniel's literature class, she can point out the inconsistencies in his words, and carefully find out the source, so that Daniel has to admit defeat. But she is also a snobbish girl eager for quick success, and she tries to use her appearance as a means to get Daniel to take her away as soon as possible. Finally, Daniel refused. In the face of beauty, although he will also have weaknesses, but at critical moments, he still sticks to his principles and does not give an inch.

The only bright color in this environment is the young waiter at the hotel. He did not blindly pursue Daniel like others, but quietly did his own job, took care of Daniel, and at the same time devoted himself to writing his own articles. He was not in a hurry for success, but just humbly presented his years of accumulation to Daniel. Daniel quickly found a concise and excellent work from it. When he parted, he promised the young man that he would recommend it to a journal for publication, and solemnly paid the manuscript fee in advance. Great encouragement to this young man with dreams. Who knows, he won't be the second Daniel?